Amiral Gloss - Saphir's Shine Gloss

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Saphir's Adiral Gloss is THE product that will let you make a glaze easily and quickly and obtain the perfect mirror effect you were looking for. This paste does not replace polish, it has no nourishing or cleansing power, it only gives a shiny effect.

How to use :     

  1. Clean your shoes with a cleansing balm and apply a cream or wax polish     
  2. Let stand for a few minutes     
  3. With a clean cotton cloth, apply some product on the toes and back of your shoes. Do not apply the product on the side's folds.     
  4. Rub with circular gestures. After a few seconds you will see the mirror effect appear.

Product's Features :     

  • 50 ml     
  • Black or neutral     
  • Made in France
  • SKU black : 3324010062016
  • SKU neutral : 3324010062023

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