Boot guard protection

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This water repellent wax waterproofs, moisturizes and revitalizes leather. It offers long-lasting protection against rain, snow and mud.

Ideal for increasing the life of your work, hunting and walking boots as well as your loafers and leather gloves.

How to use :
1- Remove dust and dirt on the surface with a cloth or a brush
2- If necessary, apply an oily leather cleaner
3- Heat the shoes with a hairdryer
4- Scrub the wax generously with a sponge on the warm shoe. The product will sink deep into the leather
5- Remove the excess with a cloth and polish with a brush

Caution: This product may give the leather a darker shade. Make a preliminary test on an hidden spot. Do not apply on suede.

Product features :

  • 100g (3,53 oz) or 200g (7,05 oz)
  • Made in France

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