Saphir médaille d’Or’s world-famous Crème 1925

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This nourishing cream for smooth leather is a flagship product of the Saphir range since 1925. With its special formula based on beeswax and shea butter oil, it will clean, nourish, and restore color of your favourite shoes and leather goods.

Available in the following shades :     

  • Neutral     
  • Black     
  • Light brown     
  • Medium brown     
  • Dark brown     
  • Navy blue    
  • Burgundy    
  • Mahogany    
  • Cognac     
  • Hermes red    
  • Grey     
  • Dark green     
  • Havana

How to use :     

  1. Remove dirt and dust with a brush   
  2. Take a test on a hidden part of the article     
  3. Using a cloth or sponge, apply the product sparingly using small circular motions     
  4. Let stand at least 5 minutes before polishing with a brush or polishing cloth

Product Features :     

  • 75 ml     
  • 2.12oz (60g)     
  • Made in France

Available online only.

When you finalize your order, please indicate the desired color in the comment section.


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