Calcium stains cleaner - remove salt traces

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During winter time, products used on roads damage shoes and boots. To preserve these, it is important to remove salt residues regularly.

To easily do it, you can use this de-salter. It will make white halos disappear without changing the color of the shoes.

This versatile product can be used on leather, suede, nubuck and synthetic fabrics.

How to use :

1- Clean the shoe with a cleaning product suitable for the material

2- Using the built-in applicator, spread a small amount of the product on the shoe, emphasizing on areas where white halos are seen

3- Let it dry for 10 minutes

4- Wipe with a clean cloth

5- Apply polish and protect with a waterproofing agent

Product's features :

  • Neutral
  • 75ml (2.6 fl oz.)
  • 73.6g (2.6oz.)
  • Made in Spain

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