Saphir's juvacuir - to recolor smooth leather

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Saphir's Juvacuir is a product that repigments, renovates and embellishes smooth leathers. Note that this is not a dye, but a product that will restore the original color. It will not allow you to change the leather's color.

Easy to apply, use it on your shoes, coats, bags, furniture and other leather goods. Very resistant: the color obtained does not fade either from friction or from contact with water.

The following colors are also available, but on order only:

  • 10 Cognac
  • 11 Red
  • 12 Hermes Red
  • 14 Gray
  • 19 Fawn
  • 20 Dark green
  • 28 Khaki
  • 35 Medium Havana
  • 37 Medium Brown
  • 38 Hazelnut
  • 39 Natural leather
  • 44 Cream

How to use :

  1. Remove dust and dirt. If necessary, wash the item with a leather soap or a stain remover such as RenoMat.
  2. Shake the Juvacuir bottle and apply the product using a cotton cloth or sponge.
  3. Let dry for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Polish with a shine cloth or a polishing brush.

Product's Features :

  • 75 ml (2.53 fl oz)
  • Brand Saphir
  • Made in France
  • Several colors available

Also available in store, do not hesitate to come and see us!

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