LEXOL- pH-balanced leather cleaner

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This leather pH-balanced formula cleaner safely cleans luxury leathers as well as the stitching and other fibers that hold leather together. LEXOL will restore leather's appearance by lifting dirt and oils so they can be easily wiped away. Rinses easily, leaving leather healthy, supple and able to breathe. Leaves no tacky residue.

Perfect for furniture, automobile interiors, footwear, sports equipment, handbags. Leather goods look their best and last longer if protected with proper care.

Lexol pH-balanced Cleaner contains no silicones, alcohols, waxes, oils nor additives.


How to use :

  1. Test first on a small hidden area
  2. Apply the product with a clean, damp cloth or a sponge
  3. Rub briskly onto leather to work up lather
  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe away foam and dirt.
  5. For a complete treatment, apply a leather balm or a waterproofing product

Product features :

  • 236ml (8oz)
  • Made in USA

Also available in store, do not hesitate to come and see us!

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