Saphir's Mink oil lotion

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This colorless and non-greasy lotion contains beeswax and mink oil. It cleans gently, nourishes and shines the most delicate leathers. It can therefore be used on smooth leathers and patent leathers. You will get a very silky looking leather with a glossy finish without having to scrub or wait long.

Apply it on your bags, shoes and furniture.

How to use :     

  1. Using a clean brush or cloth, remove dust and dirt     
  2. Apply the product sparingly with a cotton cloth     
  3. Let it dry for a few minutes     
  4. Shine with a brush or a polishing cloth

Product Features :     

  • 4.40 fl oz (125 mL)     
  • Product of France
  • SKU : 3324011093002


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