ALL SOFT Cleaner - Cleans & Conditions

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Moneysworth & Best's All Soft Cleaner gently yet effectively cleans and conditions leather and vinyl. It's lanoline-based formula prevents leather from premature aging, drying out and cracking. It also provides U.V. protection that prevents damage caused by the sun.

Perfectly suited for fine leather and vinyl furniture, car seats and boat interiors


Directions for use :

  1. Remove surface dirt with a cloth or a brush
  2. Shake bottle and test first in a small inconscpicions area
  3. Apply with soft cloth to soiled areas
  4. Apply evenly to entire surface
  5. Buff until dry
  6. For a more durable result, protect with a waterproofing product

Product features :

  • 375ml
  • Made in Canada

Also available in store, do not hesitate to come and see us!

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