PRETTY - Forefoot cushion

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Pedag's pretty cushioned pad is perfect for sensitive feet. Especially suited for pumps and high-heeled sandals, Those flexible half-insoles are made of thin cushioned foam latex perforated for air circulation.

They are perfect for additional padding under the forefoot, to relieve the metatarsus or to prevent from sliding forward in high heels.

Slightly perfumed.


Product features:

  • 35/36 : 7,3cm (width) x 11,5cm (lenght) x 3mm (thickness)
  • 37/38 : 7,5cm (width) x 12cm (lenght) x 3mm (thickness)
  • 39/40 : 7,7cm (width) x 12,8cm (lenght) x 3mm (thickness)
  • Made in Germany


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