Réno'Mat - leather cleanser and stain remover

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Saphir's Réno'Mat stain remover is a cleanser and stain remover for smooth leather. It can erase stubborn stains from leather by eliminating dirt embedded in its pores. It can also remove layers of polishes as well as silicone products previously used.

This product combines a nourishing cleansing milk with a mild remover that allows cleaning of smooth leather without damaging or discoloring it. However, it is important to apply a leather balm or a cream after its use in order to prevent the leather from drying out.


How to use :    

  1. Shake the bottle well before use     
  2. Put on gloves and use the product in a well ventilated room     
  3. Clean the item with a brush or a cloth to remove dirt and dust     
  4. Do a pre-test on a hidden part of the article and wait 15 minutes to evaluate the final result     
  5. Using a cloth, apply evenly the product with a slight emphasis on stained areas     
  6. Let it stay for 15 minutes     
  7. Finish the treatment with a leather balm or a shoe cream

Product features :  

  • 100 ml (3.52 fl oz)    
  • Must be kept in a dark, dry place     
  • Made in France


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