Other repairs

A shoemaker doesn't only fix shoes!

At the Cordonnier Bien Chaussé, we also repair:

- Clothes : coats, pants, gloves, hats, overalls, etc ...

- Camping accessories : Tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs, etc.

- Motorcycle accessories : bags, jackets, benches, etc.

- Sporting goods : bags, skates, protections, gloves, snowshoes, wetsuits, etc.

- Animal accessories : leashes, harnesses, cushions, etc.

- Canvases : gazebo, mosquito nets, sails, etc.

We have even repaired a teddy bear, a whip and even naughty leather clothing!

In short, we repair many things but we aren't magician! We do not repair absolutely everything!

If in doubt, to avoid coming for nothing, send us a picture by email at the following address: [email protected] or use messenger via our Facebook account.

Our workshop is very small. If you bring us something very big, we appreciate that you communicate with us beforehand either by phone (450) 403-7300, by email at the following address: [email protected] or by messenger via our Facebook account.


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