Shoes and boots repair

Shoe repair is our specialty!

Here's a look at what we can do to save your favorite shoes and how much it could cost you. Prices vary depending on the design of the shoe and the complexity of the work:     

  • Starting at $ 10 : Cleaning, waxing, treatment and waterproofing     
  • $ 10 : shoes and boots stretching   
  • $ 13 : Change of stiletto heels    
  • Starting at $ 15 : Changing heels
  • Starting at $ 15 : Reducing the heels' hight  
  • Starting at $ 35 : Install a half protection sole     
  • Starting at $ 8 : Velcro change     
  • Starting at $ 20 : Repair a broken zipper    
  • Starting at $ 12 : Replacing a slider on a zipper     
  • Starting at $ 25 : Shorten boots  
  • Starting at $ 50 : Adjusting the width of a boot at the calf (shrink or widen)     
  • Starting at $ 5 : Put rivets, eyelets, snaps and buttons

You can trust us with your valuable items without any fear, we will take great care. Our workshop is computerized and we always know in real time where the articles are.

We pay special attention to the aesthetics and durability of the repairs. Our goal is to make you say "WOW" when you pick up your item. All our repairs are guaranteed: if you are not satisfied, we will do the work again or we will refund you.

Our deadlines are usually around one week but can vary according to demand.

Repairing is always better than throwing away. It's also greener and often cheaper than buying new. If it's not worth repairing, we'll tell you. In short, before throwing something, come see us!

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