Saphir médaille d'or MIRROR GLOSS - wax polish for perfect spit-shine

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This wax polish is specially formulated to obtain an irreproachable glaze and this, as easily and quickly as possible.

It's unique formula contains natural waxes and solvents and is exclusively intended to give shine to the outer ends and buttresses of the shoes. This is actually the secret product to get a '' spit-shine '' without much effort.

How to use:    

  1. Clean and shine your boots or shoes with the appropriate products     
  2. Apply the MIRROR GLOSS with a slightly damp cloth wraped around your middle finger and forefinger, forming small circles on the leather parts.
  3. If your cloth slips hardly, add a drop of water with your finger on the leather    
  4.  Repeat allowing the layers to dry until the desired shine is achieved

Product Features :

  • 75 ml
  • 60 g (2,12oz)
  • Color available : Black and neutral
  • Made in France
  • SKU Black : 3324011013017
  • SKU Neutral : 3324011013024

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