Sno-Seal- beeswax based leather protection

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This beeswax based waterproofing product can be applied on leather boots and shoes. It protects efficiently against extreme weather conditions, dryness and deterioration.

Optimal moisturizer for the leather, it penetrates deeply, very quickly and without leaving the surface greasy or sticky. It does not contain silicone and is an interesting alternative to mink oil.

How to use :

1- Remove dust and dirt on the surface with a cloth or brush

2- If necessary, apply a leather cleaner

3- Heat the shoes with a dryer

4- Using a sponge, rub the product generously on the warm shoe. The product will sink deeply into the leather.

5- Remove the excess with a cloth

Caution: Do not apply on suede. This product may give the leather a darker shade. Make a preliminary test on an unexposed area

Product features :

  • 200g (7,05 oz)
  • Made in USA

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