Leather dye - Saphir teinture française

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This alcohol-based penetrating liquid dye can be used on all smooth leathers, suede, nubuck and velvety leathers. Use it to change a light colour into a darker one.

Shades available in store :

  • 01 Black
  • 04 Brown
  • 05 Dark brown
  • 06 Navy blue
  • 08 Burgundy 

Shades available on order only :   

  • 00 Lightening base
  • 11 Red base
  • 14 Grey
  • 23 Blue base
  • 35 Medium tabacco brown
  • 95 Yellow base
  • 62 Purple base

If you chose a shade from the second list, put any available color in your basket. When you finalize your order, please indicate the desired color in the comment section. Please note that there will be an additionnal delay of one week.

How to use :

  1. Remove dust and dirt on the item and clean it with a leather soap or a cleaning lotion
  2. Ideally, prepare the item with a stripper to ensure better penetration of the dye
  3. Using the cotton applicator included, apply a first coat of dye, starting from the hard to reach places. Then cover the flat and easily accessible surfaces. Do not apply multiple layers in the same place before complete drying of the product and avoid overloading the item with dye.
  4. Let dry a minimum of 10 hours between coats
  5. For better results, finish the treatment with the 1925 leather cream.

Product's features :

  • 44 g (1,55 oz)
  • each box contains 50ml of dye, a cotton applicator and a plastic gloves
  • Saphir's brand
  • Made in France

Also available in store, do not hesitate to come and see us!

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