Self-shine water base dye for smooth leather, canvas and synthetic leather

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Tarrago dye can recolor or renovate the color of your smooth leather, canvas or synthetic leather items. Its ultra-covering formula will dye any color, even balck to white. Once dry, the product does not crack and resists efficently to water.

How to use    

  • Preparation         
    • Leather items: Rub the item with a scouring sponge to remove dirt or shoe shine that would prevent correct application of the dye. Then, apply the PREPARER with a cloth.         
    • Synthetic leather items: Do not use scouring pads. Rub only the item with a coton cloth soaked with alcohol. Then, apply the PREPARER with a clean cloth.
    • Canva items: clean with water or soap. You will not need to apply the PREPARER
  • Dyeing         
    • Stir vigorously the bottle of DYE        
    • With the paint brush, apply the DYE on seams, scratches and ornaments     
    • Using the sponge, rub gently in circular motions to apply DYE on the rest of the item        
    • Allow the item to dry before applying another coat.

Product Features     

  • The kit contains         
    • 25 ml of self shine dye         
    • 25 ml of preparer         
    • 1 brush         
    • 1 sponge         
    • 1 leaflet with instructions     
  • Made in Spain


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