Universal Waterproofer and protector

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Protects against moisture, dirt and stains very effectively with environmentally friendly technology.

This versatile product is an essential to every household. It can be applied to virtually any material: leather, suede, textiles, synthetics and functional membranes.

Flexibility and airing of the materials won't be affected.

Applied on a monthly basis, it will protect your shoes, boots, bags and coats. You can also apply it on your seats, armchairs, car seats and outdoor gear.

How to use :

1- Remove dust and dirt on the surface with a cloth or brush

2- If necessary, apply a cleaning product or polish

3- If needed, test the product on an hidden part of the article

3- Apply the universal protector sparingly and in a well-ventilated place

4- Use regularly

5- Keep the product away from heat and moisture

Warning: this product will leave traces on patent leather

Product features :

  • 400ml
  • 9oz (256g)
  • Made in Germany

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